precept at lbc

We offer several options of Precept Bible Studies here at LBC.

Precept Inductive Bible Studies uses the Bible as the main source of study and not commentaries.

Inductive Bible Study is composed of Observation, Interpretation and Application and the skills that help one observe, interpret and apply scripture accurately.

Below are the offerings of inductive study at LBC.

Sunday School

40 Minute Bible Study

“How to Live Victoriously in Difficult Times”

9:45 AM in the LOGOS Class

w/ John & Joy Gilmore


Fall Precept upon Precept

The Gospel of JOHN Part 1

9 Lessons

The Word Became Flesh

How well do you know this Son of God?  

Are you convinced that what He said about Himself is true? 

From beginning to end John reveals Jesus as the Son of God.

LBC on Sundays & Mondays

August 18/19 through November 2024

Sundays: 3-5 PM Coed led by John Gilmore

Mondays: 9:30-11:00 AM Women led by Joy Gilmore

Online @ 7 PM Mondays led by Joy Gilmore



More info coming!

LEADERS: John & Joy Gilmore

for more info call or email Joy Gilmore